Web Design

It goes without saying that we are in a completely connected society. Whether we are on our Desk Tops, Laptops, Tablets or Smart Phones; we always find a way to stay connected to those close to us or find what we need or just want by surfing online.

Being a Realtor and an Elected Official I have learned the value of being online. How else can you literally touch the world in the matter of seconds? That is why I have been taught myself various web technologies. Starting off with HTML then CSS. Shortly after I realized that these are just the foundations of the web. I then started to learn Javascript and jQuery followed by PHP and MySQL. If that isn’t enough, I then started to learn about Regular Expressions, then Linux, Then Web Hosting and more.

I decided to create a Freelance Design Agency called PixemWeb. The goal is to help Small Business’s compete against the Captains of Industry. I want to empower others to make their mark online.

If you are in need of a Web Site or a redesign of your current web site, visit PixemWeb.

Joel Rivera
Realtor, Web Designer and
Former Majority Leader of the NYC Council

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