Vision Zero – Speed Limit – 25mph

Attention NYC, the speed limit is set to be reduced to 25mph starting tomorrow, November 7.

Today as I was dropping my daughter off to school I was handed the flyer above by a traffic agent and she politely told me that starting tomorrow there will be Strict Enforcement of the new speed limit. Drive 25!

The NYC Council voted to approve the New Speed Limit and Mayor DeBlasio signed the law making it official. Councilmember Greenfield was the prime sponsor of the bill.

Vision Zero is an effort to reduce pedestrian fatalities. Here are the points noted on the back end of the flyer:

  • The speed limit is changing to 25mph, unless otherwise posted.
  • Drivers who drive 25mph or slower are better able to avoid crashes.
  • Pedestrians who are struck by vehicles traveling 25mph are half as likely to die as pedestrians who are struck by vehicles at 30mph.