2014 Optimism

Top 10 New Year Resolutions

2014 OptimismWhat are the Top 10 Resolutions?

Ok, so we know that New Year Resolutions are made by everyone (myself included) and that those resolutions are normally broken by January 2nd (well maybe not that fast). So what is it about resolutions that need to wait till the start of a new year to be made but then quickly abandoned? I have absolutely no idea. Actually I do, it’s called procrastination. Why do today what can be done tomorrow, next week or never!

So here is a Top 10 List of New Year Resolutions.

  1. Lose Weight – This is by far the Number 1 resolution made. Gym memberships increase big time and the lines for your favorite machines tend to be longer than you remember from last year.
  2. Getting Organized – It’s amazing with all the technology with have for productivity and all the Organizational Tools that exist, we are actually less organized than our grand parents were.
  3. Save Save Save – I guess after spending all your money on gifts, this one makes sense. You take one look at your bank account and say “Hey, where did my money go?”
  4. Enjoy Life – A year goes by and you realize you’ve worked so hard (hopefully) and haven’t achieved as much as you wanted  (See Getting Organized above). So you decide it’s time to take more Siestas.
  5. Quit Smoking – Most smokers make this one, especially when they go to the gym and realize that working out isn’t that easy when your lungs are not 100%. Try running a mile or two after having a few cigarettes. Not that easy.
  6. Drink Less – Maybe after downing a few bottles of your favorite Champagne and staying up all night celebrating, this one sounds good. Note: this normally gets broken by the weekend.
  7. Take a Vacation – You know that vacation you’ve been saying you’re going to take? Well stop procrastinating and book that trip. You deserve it especially after doing the other stuff from above. A Tropical Island to show off your newly chiseled body.
  8. Get a Better Job – A lot of people feel stuck in a  job they don’t enjoy. It’s time to dust off your resume and land yourself that new gig.
  9. Eat Healthy –  This has got to be one of the toughest. For every Fruit Shop there are 10 -20 fast food restaurants. It also doesn’t help that eating healthy is more expensive than buying junk food.
  10. Improve your Relationships – This one is a keeper.

Did you Know?

This is surprising, most people don’t keep their resolutions. I know that’s a shocker. I’ve always keep my resolutions (fingers crossed).

How to Keep your Resolution

Make a Resolution to keep your Resolution. Seriously, just make a commitment. As Nike says, “Just Do it”.

  • Be specific about what you want. Specificity ensures a more focused approach.
  • Make a plan. If you Fail to plan then you plan to fail! (Something like that)
  • Keep it real. If you need to lose 50 pounds make sure you give yourself more than a month to do it.
  • Involve others. Let people know what your plans are so they can be a your support network. Note: If they don’t support you then get rid of them.

My resolution is to Blog more. Being a Realtor, Web Designer and former Elected Official, I have a lot to write about.

So what’s your New Year Resolution? And will you keep it?

As always, thanks for reading and share this Blog Post. Till next time .

Joel Rivera
Realtor, Web Designer and
Former Majority Leader of the NYC Council