State of The City

Mayor DeBlasio State of the City Address

After just taking office on January 1st, Mayor DeBlasio delivered his State of the City Address. This is the moment where Mayors get to highlight the focus of their agenda and provide insight on the direction they will take our city in.

First 41 days in office:

Mayor DeBlasio has not had an easy transition over the past month. With a combined 28 inches of snow being dumped on NYC which made navigating around tougher than your typical Monday morning commute.

His administration is being filled with veterans of NYC Government who have previous experience working through what is considered one of the largest and most complex Government in our nation.

Already he has sat down with President Obama and leaders throughout our Nation. He has also been to Albany speaking to leaders in both the Assembly and Senate to talk about various issues he is championing.

Points from the State of the City and His top Priorities:

  1. Universal Pre-K – This topic has gained momentum but seems to be heavily debated by those that make the final choice. Mayor DeBlasio wants to tax NYC Residents who make above $500K per year. Governor Cuomo has come out with his own plan that will provide the full funding to NYC for Universal Pre-K without a Tax Hike. Which will Prevail?
  2. Municipal ID Cards – This is an interesting and innovative approach to dealing with those who do not qualify to get a NYS ID Card. If put in place the question is who will get this card and what incentive would there be for those who already have a NYS Card to get a Municipal Card? Will the Municipal Card be recognized by Government Agencies outside of NYC?
  3. The Minimum Wage – This is always a popular topic. The reality is living in NYC is expensive. Even in areas that you wouldn’t think would be expensive, the cost of living is extremely difficult to keep up with. That’s why President Obama has chosen to raise the minimum wage for federal employees and now Mayor DeBlasio wants to raise the minimum wage in NYC. The cost of Milk is high, Rent is high and the money that New Yorkers make doesn’t go far enough. Example: a person who makes $7.25 an hour and works 40 hours per week for 52 weeks a year makes just $15,080. In NYC, not easy to support yourself let alone your family.

These are just a few of the topics that were highlighted. The problem is that most of his agenda needs approval from Albany. Some have traction and others seem to be tougher to get enacted.

Only time will tell what gets approved and what gets sidelined.

As Always, thank you for reading and feel free to share your thoughts and opinions.

Joel Rivera
Realtor, Web Designer and
Former Majority Leader of the NYC Council