Snow on Pelham Pkwy

Snow Storm Preparedness

Winter Storm Janus Hits NY


Snow on Pelham Pkwy
Snow on Pelham Pkwy North

NY and most of the Northeast has been hit by the second storm of the season. Dumping around 12 inches of snow on the ground and bringing temperatures to the single digits with wind gusts in the double digits. The Governor Cuomo has instituted a State of Emergency and Mayor Bill DeBlasio has done a good job of ensuring that the main streets have been cleared. 

Schools are open (most parents are not happy). Hopefully the schools will not penalize a student for not making it in to today.

Storm Tips

  1. Stay indoors (obviously).
  2. Make sure you are properly dressed. Trade in your dress shoes for Snow Boots.
  3. Check in on neighbors and loved ones.
  4. Make sure to shovel your car out early before the snow gets packed.
  5. Shovel your sidewalk around your home or business.
  6. Salt your sidewalk and stairs.
  7. Make sure you have enough food and water for a few days. Canned Goods, Dry Foods and bottled water.
  8. Make sure to have enough blankets and winter clothes.
  9. Space Heaters with Safety features.
  10. A wood burning stove if your home has the space for it.
  11. Keep your pets indoors during the cold.
  12. Extra Batteries of all types for flashlights and portable Radio.
  13. A weather radio with Solar features and a hand crank.
  14. A Portable Generator.
  15. Long Range Walkie Talkies with a 50 mile range for you and your loved ones. Phones may not work.
  16. Make a list of important phone numbers. Local Hospitals, and other emergency numbers.
  17. Take Mass Transit to travel.
  18. If you need to drive, drive slowly and carefully.
  19. Make sure you have good tires that can handle the snow.
  20. Keep a small shovel and snow brush in your car. Also keep your car fully gassed up.

These are just a few tips on how to prepare and deal with a Snow Storm or most emergencies in general. Share with your friends and family.

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Joel Rivera