Learn How To Code a WordPress Theme

WordPress powers nearly 30% of the modern web and if you have a website, it’s likely you’re using WordPress. If not, you should be. While WordPress is free to use and there are thousands of free themes and plugins on the official WordPress Website, it’s likely you may have considered buying a Premium Theme so you can have more customized features or a more fine-tuned theme without so much code bloat.

That’s not a bad idea. But have you ever considered learning how to code your very own WordPress Theme to your exact specifications? Even if you’re new to coding or have never coded before, it’s possible to create a theme that only has the features and layouts you want by using some of the resources I mention in the video above along with a little time invested in learning the process.

Will you become an expert coder? No, but you will gain a deeper understanding of how WordPress Themes work and maybe, code your very own theme.

You can view the final version over here WordPress Theme Development with DevWP and the direct link to the video is DevWP YouTube Video.

Go ahead, give it a try. You never know, you might end up creating themes that you can sell on your website and make a few extra dollars.