How to use WP Fastest Cache for WordPress Optimization

WordPress is a great piece of software to use for your website. It enables you to do things that would typically be cost prohibitive if you hired a professional developer. If you’re the DIY type, then WordPress is definitely for you.

One area that can be greatly improved upon is the performance of your website when using a Content Management System like WordPress. Most people use very affordable shared hosting for their website which is great but you need to remember that your website is on a computer aka server in a datacenter. In order for the hosting company to make a profit on shared hosting, they need to cram as many websites as they can on the server. So it’s typical that on a shared hosting account there will be a thousand other websites all trying to use the limited resources of the site.

So how can you increase the performance of your WordPress Powered Website? You can use a cache plugin like WP Fastest Cache that is easy to use and will make your website less reliant on the server resources.

WP Fastest Cache is a free plugin that you can find on the WordPress Repository and you will enjoy the fact that it is really simple to install and provides great results.

I put together a demonstration video highlighting how it works and how to configure it.

Watch the video and you will see how it can make your website load in under 1 second. This is important because users want your website to load fast and Google now uses pagespeed as a ranking factor. These are two powerful reasons to make sure that your website is performing well in the browsers.

Also remember that people are using smartphones which tend to have slower data connections, so if they try and view your website and it takes forever to load, then they may just abandon trying to view your site.

Hopefully you found this article and video helpful. The goal is to help the Do it Yourselfers out there by providing you with valuable information that can significantly benefit you and your website visitors.

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