How popular is WordPress

WordPress is considered to be the number one content management system in use for modern-day websites but is it still the best solution for new website owners to choose? I wanted to look at some reasons why people looking to own a website would choose a platform like WordPress versus some of the other hosted solutions that seem to be easier to use.

Let me start off by saying that as a WordPress developer I tend to recommend that new websites be built on the WordPress platform. The reason for this is because if you own a website it is best for you to have full control over your content, your assets and the configuration of your website. Some of the other solutions that at first might seem easy to use can end up being a nightmare if you end up outgrowing the limited features that they provide.

WordPress has the distinction of being the first choice amongst new website owners. With over 59% market share of the content management system industry, WordPress is still considered to be the best choice and most popular solution to create a website.

Some people have mentioned that WordPress might be in decline but after researching various independent websites that analyze technology usage it is clear that the popularity of WordPress is still high.

I created a video to demonstrate the popularity of WordPress IĀ also list the various websites that I used to analyze the data. There are other solutions to choose from and they all do have an audience but overall WordPress still remains number one for new website owners.

In the video I talk about why some people think WordPress is in decline and I go over how when a company or solution becomes extremely large there are peaks and valleys and sometimes dips within usage but overall these companies and solutions continue to grow in the long run. It’s like a stock in the stock market, one day it’s up next days down but if you trade by misreading the trends, in the long run the can potentially lose all your money.

My recommendation is always to do your research and verify the sources and come to a conclusion that based on sound data. So check out the video if you enjoy it or find it informative they give us a thumbs subscribe and share your thoughts in the comment section.