Hillary vs Trump

Hillary vs Trump

The 2016 Presidential Election is less than 3 months away and we have two very different candidates running to represent us. Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump. This seems like a classic battle between Democrats and Republicans and it has been interesting to follow the reports and comments made both by the candidates and by the media.

Hillary we know, heck we are on a first name basis with her. She has been a staple in National and International Politics for decades. She has fought for the rights of people on both sides of the aisle and has demonstrated her desire to represent us as a moderate democrat who is willing to work with those from the left to the far right of the political spectrum.

Trump, well, we are not on a first name basis with him. We know about him from his reality TV show The Apprentice, from his various books and coverage in the media of his rise, then fall then rise again success in business, albeit while shortchanging small and medium sized businesses every time he declared bankruptcy.

So when we vote in November, we need to really take it serious. Our reputation as a Nation is at stake. How will the world look at us? Better yet, how will the American Public look at each other? A leader is supposed to find a way to unite people, not divide people through hateful comments and threats.

What Legacy will we leave when we choose our next President? I am supporting Hillary for President because I know she doesn’t want to lead our nation based on fear, she wants to lead us based on hope. Some will say that hope is unreal, well so is fear. So I rather believe in hope.