Agent IDX WordPress Real Estate Theme

Agent IDX WordPress Real Estate Theme

After months of coding I am finally releasing Agent IDX. This theme is geared towards Real Estate Agents & Brokers. The reason I worked on this theme is to provide Agents with the tools they need to enhance their online presence without spending a fortune.

Agent IDX is a robust theme with many of the features you’d expect from a custom designed website.

  • Sliders
  • Custom Post Types
  • Responsive Design
  • Rock Solid Code base
  • Styling for the best IDX Solution for WordPress.

Once you get this theme and combine it with the power of IDX Broker Platinum, you will have a Website that will rival some of the big names in the Online Real Estate Industry.

There are two schools of thought when it comes to marketing for Realtors.

1. You can pay several hundred to thousands of dollars to market your services on third party websites. We all know the sites. They are the giants in the industry. The problem here is that you’re not the only person being viewed on these sites. They are like the Yellow Pages of the Online Real Estate Industry.

2. You can invest in your own website and make meaningful contributions via blog postings and sharing on social media. In the long run this is like Renting a house vs Owning a house. The problem here is that websites take work. But if you are serious about your long term success in the Real Estate Business then making the right long term investment now is the right move.

Check out Agent IDX

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